Friday, February 24, 2012

Aquarius / Let the Sunshine In

I’ve been in love three times as an adult (and once as a teenager… he’s a Facebook friend if you want to try to figure out who it is!). Two of the adult men I fell in love with were a bull and a lion - astrologically-speaking.

Now me, I’m a water-bearer and a first-born. As much as I don’t fit the stereotypical personality of an “I-don’t-know, you-decide, please-just-love-me” first-born, I do express myself and live my life as a textbook Aquarian.

And, as much as I don’t like the idea of believing that the day we are born has any real impact on our personalities, I have to say that the bull ex-husband (Cowboy) and the lion former boyfriend (Beefcake) are as textbook as I am.

And, as much as I don’t like the idea of believing that the day we are born has any real impact on the way we interact with others, I have to say that my relationships with the Cowboy bull and the Beefcake lion were textbook case studies. And by ‘textbook,’ I mean, if one were to read, for instance, Linda Goodman’s, Love Signs. Which I did, over five years ago.

Let’s start with the Cowboy. I recall, oh, about twenty years ago his mom, who is quite an astrology-queen, did a full make-up on each of us, based not just on our sun signs, but on our moons and planets and risings and fallings and god knows what else. She used the exact time linked with the geographic location of each our births… and calculations well-beyond my understanding ensued.

The result of all that analysis: Cowboy and I were not a good match. Oh, but we were in love, so we ignored the scientific predictions and lived reasonably happily for 14 years – until a Turkish Delight apparated into our astrological sphere. Cowboy’s new soul-mate who, his mother must have been disappointed to learn, is also an Aquarian.
Linda Goodman says that the best relationships we can have are with people who are either in our same element (earth/earth, fire/fire, water/water, air/air) or in our complementary element (fire/air and earth/water).

Me, as an air sign and Cowboy as an earth sign are not complementary. Doomed from Day One. A miracle we lasted as long as did, if one were to believe in this kind of stuff.

So, move on to love number two: Beefcake. He’s a Leo, which means he’s from a complementary element to my air sign, the fire-breathing lion. Match made in heaven, astrologically-speaking?

Not so much. Goddamn exception to the rule. According to Goodman, the absolute, positive, couldn’t-be-a-worse-match is an Aquarian with a Leo. Something to do with Leo needing to be an adored king and Aquarius taking up way too much of the attention that the Lion wants focused on him. Me, an attention-seeker? Please!

Now, having long-ago given away my copy of Linda Goodman’s book, I have no reference to help me identify the fate of my current love. He’s a Pisces, born on the cusp of Aquarius. It’s been a fabulous five years so far, but I wonder… should I consult with Goodman about my imminent relationship fate?

Everyone has a story about a love gone sour. Embellish yours here by adding it to the comments. I’ll repost it as a proper post for you.

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